Soul of the Grid: A Cultural Biography of the California Independent System Operator

Get the "inside story" of how California's restructured power market was created, why the ISO was developed and what really happened before, during and after the state's disastrous 2000-2001 power crisis.

This is the story of the people who make up California ISO and give it an identifiable character -- its soul. The result is a very human drama that is otherwise unavailable from the regulatory record or media accounts of California's power crisis.

Read a sample chapter: "The Worst That Can Happen"

"Folsom and the Birth of the Electric Grid"

Soul of the Grid may be ordered from iUniverse for $21.95 paperback and $31.95 hardbound.

An iUniverse Editor's Choice and Reader's Choice selection: "This is a superior effort, written by a talented author with a gift for taking a complex subject and making it understandable to the average reader. It's a strong effort from beginning to end."

Read a review of Soul from Energy Circuit.





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