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Restructuring in the Rearview Mirror:

Revisiting California's Doomed Experiment in Electricity Deregulation, Ten Years Later.

Restructuring in the Rearview Mirror Archives

Although the formal State of Emergency lasted well into 2003 (when Gov. Gray Davis was facing a recall election that eventually put Arnold Schwarzenegger into power), by early 2002, the Western Electricity Markets Crisis had pretty much played itself out.

"All over but for the shouting," is a phrase that comes to mind.

While California Energy Markets continued to follow all the political recriminations, regulatory proceedings and resulting litigation, I tried to look forward to a time when saner minds might prevail.

This two-part column from January 2002 is based on a special project conducted for the Energy Foundation, in which I interviewed noted economists and thought-leaders about what should be done to restore a stable energy marketplace.

Not surprisingly, six different economists offered six differing solutions -- some of which made sense.

Where Do We Go from Here? January 11, 2002

First Steps to a Stable Energy Market, January 25, 2002

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Disclaimer: These reports originated in the California Energy Markets newsletter, copyright held by Energy NewsData Corporation. They are reprinted with permission, or summarized in a fair-use kind of way.

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