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The Business Electric, my weekly column of news and analysis for Energy Central, was named a winner in the Online News Association's annual Online Journalism Awards (OJA) in the category, Best Online Commentary (for sites with fewer than 100,000 unique visitors each month). The awards ceremony took place October 29, 2005, in New York City.

Here's what the OJA jury looked for in determining their selections: "Online Commentary: This category honors a unique and powerful voice of commentary original to the Web. The commentary should display freshness of insight and clear writing. Creative use of the medium — especially in the areas of blogging and community journalism and/or commentary — will be considered."

Best wishes to all of the other winners and nominees. You can view the list of all categories at ONA's Web site.

The Business Electric An exclusive weekly column of news, analysis and opinion documenting the evolving U.S. energy industry on Energy Central's PULSE:

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This entry, The Business Electric column by Arthur O'Donnell, represents Energy Central's first attempts to bring original reporting and analysis to its Internet-based news aggregation service.

Each article was written exclusively for this site, but several tie into other Energy Central products, especially EnergyBiz magazine. Each of the articles also was the lead item of a weekly email news alert, sent to over 5,000 EC subscribers that linked back to the Web page carrying the item.

The Business Electric brings a focused, in-depth journalistic approach to reporting about the electric utility and energy industry, based on the author's nearly 20 years of experience covering energy for McGraw-Hill's Electric Utility Week, and as editor of the nationally recognized California Energy Markets newsletter.

The Business Electric served as a focal point for EC's interactive community and tied into its evolving strategy of using e-mail alerts, electronic newsletters, print publications and conferences to extend the Energy Central brand and provide readers with unique insights to the industry.

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