Nonce Upon a Time 1:

I used to be in radio and rock & roll, working for several popular stations in Seattle. The best of all was KZAM 92.5 FM, along with its AM affiliates: KZAM AM Rock of the '80s and KJZZ Modern Jazz.

Not too long ago, KZAM alums celebrated the 30th anniversary of this pioneering community radio station that helped introduce listeners to many lifestyle innovations, including Starbucks Coffee, Windham Hill Records and Microsoft (just kidding, at least one Program Director used an Apple; but many ex-KZAMers have worked for Bill Gates and Co.).

Wikipedia has an entry on KZAM history and personalities.

KZAM & FM alums party down at the 30th Reunion, April 2005 in Seattle. (Find me in picture above, I'm wearing a hat.)

Notables include Tom Corrdry, former Program Director (center); Jon Kertzer, ex-Music Director (left), and Jeff Hanley, ex-PD for KJZZ (right) and current Web master and voice of

You can still find the spirit of KZAM via Internet radio!

Listen to 'what's new, what's great, what's unexpected'

A refreshing alternative to commercial radio, this San Jose—based Web station offers a universe of wonderful songs and offbeat artists with an ear for the best of current releases by familiar names.

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