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Look for my cover article on the aging utility workforce, "Brain Drain: Our Graying Utilities," in the premiere issue of EnergyBiz magazine, Nov/Dec 2004. In the Jan/Feb 2005 issue, my contributions included "Breaking the Energy Deadlock" and other stories about National Energy Policy Act debates, and "Piecing Together the Interactive Utility." The March/April 2005 issue featured my articles, "Executive Suite Musical Chairs" and "The New CIS Experience."

Energy Central in June 2004 published the Pulse e-zine devoted to the status of the U.S. electric transmission system. Building a 21st Century Grid features articles and opinions from such well-known energy observers as Leonard Hyman, Bob Gee and Chuck Newton. Besides editing the issue, I contributed two features:

"A Conversation with Clark Gellings of EPRI" about transmission infrastructure needs, and "Is Reliability a Good Investment?"

Other Articles and Special Features:

"Sounds of Silence at Hunters Point"
California Energy Circuit, May 19, 2006
"Western Utilities Propose Web of Energy Corridors"
Greenwire, February 3, 2006
"Yosemite Struggles to Balance Visitors, Environment."Greenwire, July 15, 2005
"Guilty Environmentalist's Home Inefficiency Tour"The Guilty Environmentalist archives 1993
"Changes at Top, Not at the Core, of California ISO" California Energy Markets, June 4, 2004
"A Long, Hot Summer? California's Electricity Supply & Transmission Problems Have Power Executives Beginning to Sweat"San Diego Union-Tribune, May 16, 2004
"Black Holes in Blackout Coverage"Law Seminars International Redefining Regulation, Sept. 25, 2003
"My Big Fat Environmental Footprint" The Guilty Environmentalist archives 2004
"Bruce-onomics: The Buyers' Market for Springsteen Tickets", August 17, 2003
"What Keeps Energy HR Professionals Awake at Night"Purple Penguin, Sept. 3, 2004
Review of "Soul of the Grid" by Lizzy McCarthyCalifornia Energy Circuit, Nov. 7, 2003


Public Utilities Fortnightly used my article on the making of a unified energy market in Europe as its cover feature for the February 2004 issue. If you'd like a copy of the issue, please send me an e-mail request.

"After the Storm: Interviews with Prominent Economists and Policy Leaders on the Future of the California Energy Market" produced in 2002 for The Hewlett Foundation and the Energy Foundation.
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