From 2008 through 2010, I served as Executive Director of the Center for Resource Solutions, a San Francisco-based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit environmental group. CRS is internationally known for the Green-e Energy and Climate certification programs that apply stringent standards to the sales of renewable energy products and carbon offsets.

During this time the Green-e Energy market continued to show double-digit growth each year, and the Green-e logo was featured on hundreds of consumer products to show their makers' commitment to clean energy.

CRS is also very active in policy advocacy, and manages the China Sustainable Energy Program on behalf of the Regulatory Assistance Project and the ClimateWorks Foundation.

In my role as Executive Director, I was responsible for overseeing these programs, and was active in writing, researching markets, and responding to legislative and regulatory proposals.

I also kept a busy public speaking schedule, representing CRS and the broader environmental community at conferences and seminars.

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Select Conference Presentations:

Solar Supports by Cities - (w/CRS staff) Energy Foundation/China Sustainable Energy Program, May 2011

Green-e Energy Market Growth - Wall St. Green Trading Summit, NYC, March 2010

Solar Incentives and Jobs - RETECH, Washington, D.C., February 2010

Meeting California's 33 Percent Renewable Portfolio Standard - CARB, Oct. 2009

Financial Incentives for Solar PV - Solar Summit, San Diego, August 2009

Carbon Offsets and Green-e Climate - Jackson Hole Sustainability, Wyoming, Oct. 2009

South Coast Air Quality Permits Crisis - Wartsila Summit, Colorado, Feb. 2009

Renewable Energy Certificates - Solar Power International, San Diego, Oct. 2008

Climate Change and Transportation/Land Use Policy - Meeting of the Minds, Portland, OR, July 2008














Select Reports and Memos:

REM 2010 Conference Wrap-Up

PV Panel Theft

Report on Incentives for Solar Power (with CRS staff)

The RECs Revolution 1999-2009 - Background paper

Comment on CPUC Ruling on use of RECs for RPS

Memo to CARB on Attribution of Emission Reductions

Memo to CEC on Voluntary Markets for Renewable Energy (with CRS staff)













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